Amazing Benefits of Onion Juice

3Guys, onion is one of the famous vegetables in all around the world and almost in every dishes onions are used. Peoples also eat onions as salad and onions are also used in green and dry dishes. Peoples uses onions to increase the taste of dishes. But onions are not only increase the taste of foods but also it comes with many ingrediants which helps provide nutrition to our body.

Onions are also works like a medicine on many diseases. Onions are very helpful for digest food and also it provides strength to our body. Onions are also very good blood disorders are also destructive. There are so many benefits of Onion. So in this article, we will talk about some some amazing benefits of onion juice.So withou wasting anymore time let's get started.

Amazing Benefits of Onion Juice

All the benefits of Onins are given below

  1. Onions are very helpful to relieve blood growth. To relieve blood growth take 50 grams onion juice with 10 gram sugar or 1 gram roasted white cumin.

  2. In today's world, most of the peoples are suffering from the problem of constipation. And I would like to say that onions are the treatment of constipation. To do treatment on constipation you should eat one raw onion with the food daily.

  3. If you have cardinal complaint then take onion by cutting into small pieces and squeeze a lemon or you can add vinegar. You can also eat the pieces of onions with the food.

  4. If your children is suffering from the indigestion then you can give 3 to 4 drops of onion juice in their mouth, it is very helpful to solve the problem of indigestion.

  5. Onions are also very help for the treatment of loose motions diarrhea. For the treatment of loose motion diarrhea grind onion and apply on the navel of the patient.

  6. If you are suffering from vomiting and diarrhea in cholera then you should take onion juice after one hour of gap, it will give you relief. You will also get relief from cholera if you take 10 drops of onion juice after 15 minutes of gap  or you could take 1 drop of onion juice and one drop mint juice after 10 minutes gap.

  7. If you are suffering from cholera then as a precaution with one cup of soda mix one cup of onion's juice, one lemon juice, one pinch salt, one pinch black pepper, and some ginger juice. Then mix the juice drink it and it will help to fix the problem of digestion.

  8. Beating onion is also very helpful for the problem of cough, breath, throat, and lungs. It is also beneficial for the treatment of tonsils. Taking onion is also very beneficial in common cold.

  9. Onions are also beneficial in the diagnosis of jaundice. For the treatment of jaundice you have to buy half KG amla shape onions and then cut them into two pieces and put in the vinegar. Then add some salt and black pepper with it. Then take one piece onion at morning and one piece onion at evening, it will help to cure jaundice.

  10. If you want cure of headaches which cause due to heat stroke then apply onion paste to the soles of feet, definately it will cure the problem.

  11. If ears are flowing and also have pain then boil the onion water put 1 or 2 drops in the ear and it will very helpful to fix the problem.

So these are the amazing benefits of onion juice. If you do not add onion into your diet then from today start having onions. Because onions are like a medicine of our health. Thank you very much.

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