Best Tips to Gain Weight Properly

Hello guys, in this article, I am going to share with you some best tips to gain weight properly. But before we begin I want to share with you that if you don't know the proper way to gain weight then you can face many health-related problems. I mean if you think you can eat anything whole the day like sweet then it is not the proper way to gain weight. Even you could be the victim of obesity.

Obesity is the cause of many diseases. That's why I have brought a diet plan for the whole day and if you follow this plan properly then you can gain weight in a healthy way. So without wasting any precious time let's get started.

Best Tips to Gain Weight Properly:

Diet plan to gain weight quickly

1.  Early Morning Warm Water

We will start our day with warm water. Take one or two glasses of slightly warm water on an empty stomach and don't forget to sit while drinking water. Warm water on an empty stomach can through out the toxins from our body, can relax our muscles, and improves blood circulation level. So you should start your day with warm water.

2. After Half Hour of Drinking Water Take 6-7 Soaked Almonds or Walnuts

After drinking water you should take 6-7 soaked almonds or walnuts. Soaking increases the benefits of it and it is very easy to digest.

3. Do Workout for One Hour

After eating almonds or walnuts you have to do the workout at least for an hour. The workout is very beneficial for both weight gain and loss. And I also want to mention that if you don't do workouts then your diet will not work. That's why you need to do a workout and if you can do a workout in the morning it will be more beneficial.

4. Post Workout Meal Banana Shake

After the workout, you need to have a nutritious meal. You can take the banana shake after the workout it will provide you energy. But you have to make it in a healthy way and use sugar. To make a banana shake you can use skim milk, add two bananas, add nuts like almonds, Kaju, walnuts, raisins, and if you want to add sweet then you can add honey. And in this way, you can prepare a healthy and tasty banana shake for yourself.

5. Breakfast 

After 1 or 3 hours you can take your breakfast and never forget to do your breakfast.  And if you take a healthy nutritious breakfast then you can feel energetic and active. For breakfast, you can take 2 stuffed parathas or poha or idli sambar or upma or cheese sandwich or 2 chilla. You can take any dish from these and you can take tea.

6. Lunch

After breakfast, you can take any fruits. And for lunch, you can eat 2 chapatis or 1 bowl of rice, 1 bowl daal or any curry, 1 bowl of vegetables and curd.

7. After 2 -3 hours of Lunch

After 2-3 hours of lunch, you can take tea. With tea, you can take 1 bowl of roasted makhana or oats or wheat cookies or murmur or popcorn or peanut butter sandwich or dhokla.

8 Dinner

You should take very slight foods at dinner. For dinner, you can take salad, 2 chapatis, 1 bowl rice or daal.

9. Post Dinner Meal

If you feel hungry after dinner then you can drink one glass of milk before 1 hour of bed.

So guys this was the proper diet plan to gain weight properly. So that's all for today thank you very much guys for visiting our website. See you again with another informative article. Till then take care bye-bye.


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